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Following a 2002 grant from the European Commission, the Centre for Research on Europe at Cantebury University, Christchurch, New Zealand, became the National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE)[1]. According to its website, "The NCRE remains the only EU-dedicated tertiary level centre in New Zealand", and since its inception in 2002, "has developed significantly in both academic and outreach activities, involving a variety of roles and mechanisms", and has "also established an effective form of collaboration with 4 other NZ universities (Auckland, Victoria, Otago and Lincoln) and one Australian university (Melbourne) during this time."[2]. The Centre's website lists its activities as including:

"Academic activities The NCRE is a multi-disciplinary centre that brings together graduates, post-doctoral fellows and academics from a wide range of disciplines to research and study the European Union and Europe-related issues and topics. The focus is inclusive and policy-driven, melding academic work with practical requirements.

Outreach activities The NCRE also performs a wider societal role and serves as a key element in the EU's outreach within New Zealand and the Pacific. Raising a critical awareness of the EU, informing government, the media and public opinion all play an equally important part in the NCRE's core function. Above all, the NCRE has begun the essential process of encouraging and promoting a new generation of New Zealand graduates who have a high level of expertise and interest in the EU."[3]

Advisory Board

UC Internal Advisory Board Members

  • Natalia Chaban, NCRE
  • Martin Holland, NCRE
  • John Hopkins, Law
  • Chris Jones, History
  • Susanne Ledanff, Languages and Cultures (German)
  • Marjo Lips-Wiersma, Management
  • Peter Low, Languages and Cultures (French)
  • Serena Kelly , NCRE Postgraduate Representative
  • Henrietta Mondry, Languages and Cultures (Russian)
  • Eric Pawson, Geography
  • Gareth Pritchard, (Chair), History
  • David Thorns, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Nigel Healey, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, College of Business and Economics ex officio

EUCN External Advisory Board Members

  • Prof Martin Holland, Director, European Union Centres Network
  • Sarah Coleman, Projects Coordinator, European Union Centres Network
  • Prof Rick Garside, Chair, European Union Centres Network Board
  • Peter Kennedy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Dr Jon Tanner, Director for International Linkages, Ministry of Research, Science & Technology
  • H.E. Liana Marolla, Italian Ambassador to New Zealand
  • Mr Maurice Maxwell, Head of Delegation, European Commission Delegation to New Zealand

Business Advisory Group

  • Anne Berryman, Meat New Zealand
  • Fiona Cooper, Fonterra
  • Charles Finny, Wellington Chamber of Commerce
  • Alastair MacFarlane, New Zealand Seafood Industry Council
  • Caryll Shailer, Meat Industry Association
  • Don Walker, United Water
  • Peter Kennedy, Director, Europe Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Research Associates

  • Stuart McMillan
  • Dr Mia Mikić, Trade and Investment Division, UN-ESCAP
  • Dr Caroline Saunders, Lincoln University

Support Staff

  • Sarah Coleman, EUCN Projects Coordinator: Network Administration, Project & Event Management, Finances & Accounts
  • Yvonne Grosch, NCRE Administrator
  • Gina Deerness-Plesner, FRENZ Research Administrator
  • Hamish Woodside, FRENZ Web Administrator
  • Wendy Toynton[4]
  • Frendehl Warner, ACCESS4EU Project Coordinator
  • Nicholas Smith, Assistant Project Coordinator



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