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African Journal of Ecology Published in association with the East African Wildlife Society. [1]

  • Editor-in-Chief - Frederick Kayanja - Mbarara University Liaison Office, Uganda
  • Associate Editors - Bryan Shorrocks - Environment Deparment, University of York; Julius Lejju - Department of Biology, Uganda
  • Editorial Assistant - Shona Hill - Environment Department, University of York

Journal Editorial Board

  • Clay E. Corbin - Biological and Allied Health Sciences, USA
  • John E. Fa - Conservation Science, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
  • Daniel Jamu - Regional Director, East and Southern Africa, WorldFish Center, Zomba, Malawi
  • Nicholas O. Oguge - Earthwatch Institute Kenya

International Review Panel

The African Journal of Ecology has an International Review Panel to support and mentor scientists in Africa submitting papers to the journal. To view the full list of Reviewers please click here.

EAWLS Editorial Board

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  1. Editorial Board, African Journal of Ecology, accessed June 11, 2010.