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"African Leadership Academy was founded in 2004 with the belief that ethical leadership is the key to transforming the African continent. Founders Fred Swaniker, Chris Bradford, Peter Mombaur, and Acha Leke sought to create an institution that would develop, connect, and support those individuals who will lead the continent toward a peaceful and prosperous future. In the two years that followed, the founding team built a powerful network of advisors and developed a robust, sustainable operating model for the Academy, a world-class, pan-African secondary institution on the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa. " [1]

Board of Governors

Accessed November 2011: [2]

  • Futhi Mtoba, Partner and Chairwoman, Deloitte & Touche South Africa
  • Osaze Osifo, CEO, Travant Capital
  • Nonkqubela Mazwai, Managing Director, Motjoli Resources
  • James Mwangi, Chief Executive Officer, Equity Bank
  • Tunde Folawiyo, Group Executive Director, The Yinka Folawiyo Group
  • Nomsa Daniels, Partner, SRM Holdings
  • Eric Wright, Partner, Africa Venture Partners
  • Jon Cummings, Director, McKinsey & Company
  • Nick Binedell, Founding Director and Sasol Chair of Strategic Management of the Gordon Institute of Business Science
  • Ayele Egbuson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Hope For Better Future
  • Derek Schrier, Chairman, African Leadership Foundation
  • Acha Leke, Partner, McKinsey and Company
  • Peter Mombaur, Founder, MombaurMcCabe Consulting
  • Fred Swaniker, Founder and President, African Leadership Academy
  • Chris Khaemba, Inaugural Dean, African Leadership Academy

Advisory Board

Accessed November 2011: [3]


Accessed November 2011: [4]

  • Chris Bradford, President, African Leadership Foundation; Founder and Vice President, African Leadership Academy
  • Ed Brakeman, Secretary & Treasurer; Managing Director, Bain Capital
  • Alex Cummings, Director; Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of the Coca-Cola Company
  • Jon Cummings, Director, McKinsey & Company
  • Ted Dintersmith, Partner Emeritus, Charles River Ventures
  • Temp Keller, Managing Director, Innovations for Learning
  • Joan Lonergan, Head of the Hewitt School
  • Anthony Marx, President, Amherst College
  • Derek Schrier, Chairman; Founder, Indaba Capital Management, LLC



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