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Aleksey Vladimirovich Kochetkov (Russian: Алексей Владимирович Кочетков; born 8 September 1971). Aleksey Kochetkov is a former engineer and political analyst well known for his closeness to official Russian policy under President Putin. He has often written in support Russia's occupation of Georgia, and also in support of pro-Moscow conspiracy theories in his book Neo-nazis and Maidan. He was the general director of Commonwealth of the Independent States - Election Monitoring Organization set up with Russian government backing as an alternative to the OSCE from 2003 till 2013. wiki

In the 1990s he was the editor of the journal of the far-right ultra-nationalist group Russian National Unity. He was also a member of the Russian Society of the the Friends of Saddam Hussein which was founded by the right-wing neo-pagan extremist Aleksei Andreev. [1]

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