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The Alicia Patterson Foundation is philanthropic Foundation which awards one year fellowship grants to working journalists to pursue independent projects. The Foundation was created in 1965 in memory of Alicia Patterson (Guggenheim), who had been the editor and the publisher of Newsday, since it began in 1940 until her death in 1963.

Alicia Patterson was a member of the newspaper dynasty family which began with the Chicago Tribune Founder, Joseph Medill. Her father was Captain Joseph Medill Patterson, founder of the New York Daily news. In Time Magazine's July 12, 1963 obituary for Patterson, they stated that upon her death,

"for the first time in 143 years no member of the dynasty ran a newspaper in the U.S.".
"Dynasty's End", Time Magazine, June 12, 1963] (archive access required])

The Alicia Patterson Foundation’s fellowship grants are chosen from a competition each year, and are limited to American citizens, who are print journalists with at least five years experience. The fellowship's cash award is $35,000, and is generally subsidised with a stipend from the fellow's publisher employer to make up for lost income and expenses not covered by the fellowship's award. Journalists interested in applying for a fellowship should visit the Foundation's Application Instruction Page.

The Alicia Patterson Foundation publishes "The APF Reporter", which is authored by the foundation's current fellows. The AFP Reporter allows reprints of articles for one year from publication:

"For a period of one year from the date of issue, you may reprint any of our pieces as long as you give the Alicia Patterson Foundation and the fellow/author a credit line. Should APF fellows write other articles during their fellowship year, we ask that you mention the APF affiliation." About the AFP Reporter.

Board of Directors

(Note: although not entirely germane, Albright and Hoge are surnames of Alicia Patterson heirs)


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