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Biographical Information

"Aly Ramadan Abuzaakouk is a leading pro-democracy Libyan activist based in Washington, DC. He currently serves as president of the Citizenship Forum for Human Development and Democracy (CFHDD). He also serves as Executive Director of the Libya Human and Political Development Forum, editor of Al Muntada Allibi (The Libyan Forum), an Arabic language journal, and managing editor of He is the Managing Editor of Democracy Watch; and Director of External Affairs for the Network of Democratic Journalists in the Arab World (DJAW). He also serves on the Board of Directors of the Network of Democrats of The Arab World (NDAW).

"Prior to relocating to the United States, Abuzaakouk was a Lecturer in Communications at the University of Benghazi in Libya. Mr. Abuzaakouk is a frequent commentator on radio and television programs around the world. He publishes in both English and Arabic, and has presented numerous papers and lectures to conferences and universities internationally." [1]

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