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"Amara Conservation started its work in Kenya in 2001, supporting the activities of other non-profits and setting up the first Mobile Education & Film Unit showing films of the African Environmental Film Foundation (AEFF)." [1]

Board of Directors [2]

  • Lori Bergemann - Founder and Executive Director
  • David Foran - PhD Professor at Michigan State University, Director of Forensic Science and Forensic Biology Departments
  • Caroline Lockwood - Program Support Officer, Zoological Society of London
  • Heidi Bergemann - Chairman Amara Uk Trust, Ex-Deputy Chairman, Loot Group of Companies
  • Roger Graef - Acclaimed documentary filmmaker and criminologist
  • Susan Richards - Author, Non-executive director and founder of openDemocracy

Advisory Council [3]

  • Jonny Baxendale is a safari expert and conservationist. Born and educated in Kenya Jonny lived with George Adamson raising lions when he was young. He was a Warden with Kenya Wildlife Service, helped establish the Mara Conservancy. With over 30 years of experience of wildlife and the safari business, Jonny is today an honorary Warden of the Kenya Wildlife Service.
  • Richard Bonham
  • John Carver
  • Mike Griffin
  • Patricia Carver

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