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According to the the American Jewish Council web site, the AJC is an organization that "works for Jewish priorties first, such as lobbying for aid for yeshivot from both the private as well as public sector. AJC believes in encouraging the observance of the 613 mitzvot for each & every Jew, encouraging universal morality amongst the nations of the world as embodied in the 7 Noachide laws & is in the forefront of fighting against abortion on demand for any reason except a danger to the mother's life. The AJC discourages homosexuality & so called promotion of Gay rights as we feel it is detrimental to the perpetuation of life & is against biblical injunctions. The AJC is against gun control because as children & grandchildren of holocaust survivors we know that one of Adolf Hitler's first acts was to enact gun control laws & we know all too well what ensued next! The AJC strongly believes in lobbying for state support of religious day schools & yeshivot. Last but not least the AJC condemns the Oslo Accords & Wye Accord as we have heard Mr. Yasser Arafat's intentions of first having a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital & in stages take control of all of Palestine. The AJC's policy is that we support an Israel as promised by the Almighty in all her biblical boundaries & we feel the only solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict is the transfer of all hostiles out of the land of Israel." [1]

It is important to understand that the American Jewish Council is on the far-right and widely condemned within the Jewish community. Its acronym, AJC, is not to be confused with the American Jewish Committee, a mainstream, well-regarded Jewish organization.


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