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American Power Corp. is a publicly traded energy company based in Denver, Colorado. The company focuses on acquiring near-term, large scale coal projects in close proximity to national transportation links.

American Power is a member of the Montana Mining Association, and holds approximately 29,000 acres in Judith Basin County, Montana. The project is known as the Pace Coal Project. The estimated resources in place, based on exploration work conducted by Mobil Oil Co. (now ExxonMobil Corp.), and in several independent studies, range from 172 million up to 410+ million tons of high volatile bituminous B coal.[1]

August 2011: American Power wins permit for Pace Coal Project and begins mining:

In August 2011 American Power received approval for the prospecting permit for its Pace Coal Project in Judith Basin County, Montana. The prospecting permit, which was approved by the Coal and Uranium Program of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality, authorized the company to carry out its first phase of the company's planned drilling program. American Power said its planned exploration drilling program consists of 61 drilling sites and will involve a total of 53,875 feet of drilling in three different phases.[2]

It was announced on August 16, 2011 that drilling operations began at the Pace Coal Project.[3]



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