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The World Federalists of America "was formed following World War I. The association believes in the essential oneness of humankind with the earth, and contends that humankind's future on the earth is threatened by such things as pollution of the environment, racial and national hatreds, and international war. According to the Association's creed, the solution to these problems lies in the creation of world institutions. The organization calls for the formation of a world government with the power to make and enforce laws which will control pollution of the earth's atmosphere and water, curb the waste of its resources, and dismantle the war machines of all nations.

"The World Federalists are closely associated with Woodrow Wilson's effort to start a League of Nations after World War I. The organization gained momentum after World War II with the threat of the atomic bomb. World Federalists consider the United Nations an important, but inadequate step toward their goal. They do not seek a world dictatorship, but a world democracy with countries retaining sovereignty over internal affairs. Norman Cousins, writer and editor, was a longtime leader of the World Federalists.

"The Mansfield Chapter of the World Federalist Association, the oldest continually operating chapter in the U.S, celebrated its fortieth anniversary in 1988 with approximately 120 members. It is a non-profit, tax-deductible, educational organization, whose basic objectives are the abolition of war and the establishment of a world authority or authorities capable of insuring world peace through enforceable world law and the equitable regulation of world issues without resort to the use of arms. In 1949, the chapter asked for a state legislature resolution calling for a federal constitutional amendment that would enable the United States to join a world government.

"The W.F.A. of Mansfield adheres to and abides by the directives from the national office. It will not engage in any political activities other than those authorized by the I.R.S. for tax-deductible, educational organizations. Activities for fund-raising have included dinners, annual rummage sales, and guest appearances by well-known Federalists such as mystery writer Rex Stout.

"In 2004, the World Federalist Association changed its name to Citizens for Global Solutions." [1]

It is the American branch of the World Federalist Movement.

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