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Americas Society is a not-for-profit institution that promotes their "agenda of democracy, the rule of law, and free trade" across the Americas. [1]


"In 1965, a group of noted businessmen led by David Rockefeller founded the Center for Inter-American Relations. As the Center’s mission was articulated in 1970, "Ignorance of our neighbors [is] neither sensible nor safe, neither smart nor neighborly, neither good economics, nor good manners…In this light, the Center has a clear and simple objective to inform leading professional, academic, business, artistic and government people of the value, the achievements and the problems of other countries of the Americas." The Center for Inter-American Relations was later to be absorbed into Americas Society in 1985. And, since that time, the Americas Society has played a pivotal role in disseminating the cultural achievements of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Canada in the United States." [2]



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