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Biographical Information

"Andrew is working on a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project in partnership with the Rural Community Council (RCC) for Leicestershire and Rutland, which will provide support to community groups taking action on climate change in the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland area. The project, running from March 2010 until February 2012, will provide participants with: support to initiate and sustain groups; advice on effective strategies for communicating climate change; networking and training events; ideas for projects to undertake and help with their delivery. An action research methodology will be employed, to facilitate learning on effective strategies for community engagement on climate change issues.

"Prior to taking on this role, Andrew completed a PhD at the IESD which explored the viability of achieving deep carbon emission cuts in existing social housing, using the London-based housing association" Peabody Trust "as a case study. This work combined a technical analysis of possible carbon reduction interventions with an exploration of the influence of Government policy, organisational practices and availability of funding on the emission cuts that can be achieved." [1]


Selected Publications

  • Reeves A, Taylor SC and Fleming P, Modelling the potential to achieve deep carbon emission cuts in existing UK social housing: the case of Peabody, Energy Policy, Vol 38, Iss 8, pp 4241-4251, (2010)
  • Reeves A, Making it viable: exploring the influence of organisational context on efforts to achieve deep carbon emission cuts in existing UK social housing, Energy Efficiency, (2010), (in press)
  • Reeves A, Taylor S and Fleming P, Deep carbon emission reductions in existing UK social housing: are they achievable, and how can they be funded?, Proc ECEEE 2009 Summer Study: Act! Innovate! Deliver! Reducing energy demand sustainably, Vol 2, pp 919-930, (2009), ISBN: 978-91-633-445

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