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Andrew Taber

In 2005 Wildlife Trust announced "the appointment of Andrew Taber as Executive Vice President for Programs. In his new role, Dr. Taber will be charged with advancing the work of the Wildlife Trust Alliance, a network of 12 science-based, international conservation organizations that have banded together to provide a framework for collaborative research, evaluation, accreditation, and policy analysis and recommendations. He also will coordinate WT's ongoing programs in Conservation Medicine, the New York Bioscape Initiative and the Edge of the Sea Aquatic conservation program...

"Taber left Alaska for Oxford University, UK, where he completed his doctorate in zoology under the tutelage of Professor David Macdonald.

""This study," says Taber, "took me to Argentina, where I undertook the first field study on the mara, or Patagonian cavy, for my dissertation. With this project, I began what was to become a twenty-five year focus on Latin America."

"He adds, "In 1987, doctorate in hand, I moved to Paraguay to start the first intensive field study on the Chacoan peccary...

"Most recently, Taber served as Director of Wildlife Conservation Society's Amazonian Conservation Network, where he worked to improve conservation practice through promoting the sharing of lessons learned, developing conservation tools, and promoting adaptive management in Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Venezuela." [1]

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