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Anna Aslund was a member of the Board of Directors of America Abroad Media.

"Anna Aslund started her career as a research scholar in the Academy of Sciences of Slovakia (1988-1991). In 1992-1996 she was at the epicenter of the transformation of the former Soviet Union, serving in the Russian government and the State Duma as the press secretary to the Prime Minister of Russia Yegor Gaidar and the reformist parliamentary group Russia's Choice. Later Mrs. Aslund worked as a communications officer for the international investment company Brunswick-Warburg. She is now living and working as a private consultant in Washington, DC. Anna Aslund received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Moscow State University (Russia). She also studied at the Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden), International Monetary Fund (Washington, DC, USA) and the University of Grenoble (Grenoble, France)."[1]