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Anne Morse is a senior writer at the Wilberforce Forum in Reston, VA, as well as senior writer for Charles Colson's Prison Fellowship Ministries daily radio program BreakPoint.[1] She has been writing and editing BreakPoint radio commentaries and columns with Colson since 1993, and, in 1997, she and Colson "co-authored an award-winning collection of BreakPoint commentaries called Burden of Truth." In 2004, Colson and Morse co-authored the "How Now Shall We Live? devotional.

Morse is a frequent contributor to National Review Online, and has also written for World magazine, Boundless, Beliefnet, and Regeneration Quarterly. Her review of Christina Hoff Sommers’s book, The War Against Boys, was given a first place Evangelical Press Association Award in the category of critical review. [2]

Bush Booster

In the February 2002, "A family man in the White House," Morse wrote for Conservatism magazine: [3]

The best thing about President Bush's family policy is that he doesn't have an office in the West Wing labelled 'Office of Family Policy' manned by a scary-looking blonde who thinks 'it takes a village' (that is, a gang of Washington feminists) to raise other people's children. Instead, Bush's policy towards American families is found in the warp and woof of programs not specifically labelled 'family policy', but which do a great deal to actually help them. The tax relief we received last summer (a $600 check for joint filers) meant THIS family could pay off bills and buy school clothes for our kids - which is also how most other Americans say they spent the money. The passage of Bush's education reform package - although badly weakened by Democrats - is a weapon in the hands of poor families to force their children's appalling schools to improve - or else.
Perhaps best of all, since September 11, 2001, the president has given our kids a chance to see how a Real Man behaves in the Oval Office when a crisis strikes: with courage and compassion, grace and guts.

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