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The Anschutz Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private exempt foundation located in Denver, Colorado. The foundation, started in 1983, is a grant-giving body that donates to many community or non-profit organizations, like local Boys & Girls Clubs, hospitals, and universities, but has also contributed millions to the State Policy Network, a network of conservative think tanks working to change public policy and opinion and promote policies like privatization, school voucher programs, low taxes, pro-life causes, and more.

Philip and Nancy Anschutz, founders of Anschutz Foundation

The founder, Philip Anschutz, is an entrepreneur with a net worth of $11.2 billion, as of January 2015.[1] He is "a radical faith based political activist, a man who uses his vast fortune in attempts to advance an anti-homosexual and anti-science (specifically evolution) agenda," according to SB Nation.[2] His business ventures have included oil, railroads, telecom, and the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG). AEG operates arenas such as the Staples Center in Los Angeles and London's O2, in addition to his music and film divisions managing artists such as Jennifer Lopez and Justin Bieber, and producing films like the Chronicles of Narnia series.[3][4] His ventures into film began when Anschutz wanted to see more family-friendly, wholesome movies on the silver screen, similar values he applies to some of his philanthropic giving.[5] Anschutz also founded, owns, or contributes to many major league sports teams such as the Los Angeles Galaxy, the Houston Dynamo, Chicago Fire, Los Angeles Lakers, and Los Angeles Kings. Despite his ownership and stakes in many sports teams, "Anschutz has managed to remain quietly in the background, limiting any connection between his social conservative activism and his multi-billion dollar sports and entertainment business," according to SB Nation.[2]

The foundation reported $110,499,998 in revenue, $55,933,970 in expenses, and $1,043,647,921 in net assets as of November 30, 2013.[6]

Connections to State Policy Network, DonorsTrust

Of the $128,626,905 in total contributions given, $5,052,700 was given to member associations of the State Policy Network from 2009 to 2011. State Policy Network provides funding and support to state-based think tanks, such as the Heritage Foundation and the Goldwater Institute, in addition to working with its associate members like National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation and Koch brothers-backed, Americans for Prosperity. From 2009 to 2011, the largest contributions from Anschutz Foundation to State Policy Network members include, but are not limited to:

State Policy Network associate member, DonorsTrust, also received $82,000 in a single donation from 2009. DonorsTrust is a grant-giving body designed to protect the identities of wealthy donors or corporations as they funnel money into the trust, and then widely distribute funds to various conservative think tanks and organizations. DonorsTrust has not received funding from the foundation since 2009.

P. Anschutz said he often prefers anonymity when giving donations, the crux of DonorsTrust's organizational values:

"We have always seen anonymity as a high form of charitable giving,” he says. “There are few instances where our name is on something. If there is a reason to name names, a valid reason to use it, we will agree to attach our name. If, for example, the gift creates other contributions that encourage further support or helps to validate a project which in turn might bring broader community support. But, by and large, we think it’s probably most effective to be quiet.” [7]

From 2009 to 2011, the foundation contributed $195,000 to Philanthropy Roundtable, another right-wing grant-giving body. In honor of their philanthropic work, Philanthropy Roundtable also awarded P. Anschutz, and his wife Nancy, the William E. Simon Prize for Philanthropic Leadership. The award is given to "highlight the power of philanthropy to promote positive change and to inspire others to support charities that achieve genuine results." [8] Other recipients of the award include Charles Koch, and Richard and Helen DeVos from the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation.

During this time period, Anschutz Foundation also contributed to ALEC in 2010, with a single donation of $10,000.

Contributions and Grants, 2009-2011

Other contributions from the Anschutz Foundation in 2009 to 2011 include, but are not limited to:

  • Alpha USA received $1,250,000 total.
  • American Museum of Western Art received $17,435,000 total.
  • Axl Academy Foundation received $625,000 total.
  • Center for Neurological Disease-Rocky Mountains MS Center received $750,000 total.
  • Colorado Historical Society received $5,000,000 total.
  • Colorado State University Foundation received $1,715,000 total.
  • Denver Museum of Nature & Science received $1,051,000 total.
  • Denver Options Inc. received $1,160,000 total.
  • Denver Public Schools and Foundation received $1,320,550 total.
  • Denver Zoological Foundation received $1,010,000 total.
  • Graland School received $1,115,000 total.
  • Leadership Network received $2,849,000 total.
  • Mile High United Way received $635,000.
  • Providence Network received $900,000.
  • Random Acts of Kindness Foundation received $704,561 total.
  • Teach for America received $2,600,000 total.
  • United Service Organization received $1,750,000 total.
  • University of Colorado Foundation received $2,686,284 total.
  • University of Colorado Hospital Foundation received $3,530,698 total.
  • Volunteers of America received $900,000 total.
  • Young Life received $779,600 total.

Related Organizations and Projects

The foundation is associated with the other Anschutz family organizations, such as the Anschutz Family Foundation, the Anschutz Medical Campus, and the Anschutz Corporation (and its entities: AEG, Clarity Media, the Examiner) [9]

Anschutz Family Foundation

Fred B. Anschutz (1909-1993) and Marian P. Anschutz (1910-1986), parents of director and entrepreneur, Philip F. Anschutz, "created the Anschutz Family Foundation in 1982 as a result of many years of successful gas and oil, real estate and ranching ventures." [10]

While the Anschutz Foundation serves local and national non-profit and community organizations, the Anschutz Family Foundation gives funds to Colorado based organizations or Colorado chapters or national organizations. Their funds are divided among 10 categories, including low income housing organizations, crisis intervention groups, senior programs, children's programs, and more. In 2012, of the 369 grants given by the foundation, 99 went to youth development and children's programs, 68 went to self sufficiency/families/literacy organizations, and 60 went to food/shelter/homeless organizations. [11]

Foundation for a Better Life

The Foundation for a Better Life, created by the Anschutzes', intends to promote "common-sense values" such as "respect," "service," and "leadership" by creating public service ads. P. Anschutz said the project is an "entrepreneurial idea applied to a philanthropic platform," and is seen in over 200 countries on TV and on the Internet. Anschutz commented on the foundation's values as a way to let people help themselves, as opposed to seeking help from organizations and the government:

"Food banks, charter schools, and homeless shelters are a good way to help people, Mr. Anschutz notes, but in the long run, people grounded in solid values will be better situated to prosper on their own." [7]

Staff Members

Board of Directors

According to their 2011 Form 990, the foundation's board of directors includes: [12]

  • Christopher W. Hunt, director
  • Thomas G. Kundert, assistant treasurer
  • Philip F. Anschutz, chairman/director
  • Nancy P. Anschutz, director
  • Cannon Y. Harvey, vice president/director
  • Craig D. Slater, secretary/treasurer/director
  • M. Lavoy Robison, director
  • Sarah A Hunt, vice president/director
  • Ted E. Harms, executive director

Connections to Anschutz Corporation

Three of the directors are employees of P. Anschutz and Anschutz Corporation. Cannon Y. Harvey works as the President and Chief Operating Officer at The Anschutz Company and Anschutz Corporation, and has served in those positions since December 1996. [13] Craig D. Slater also serves as the Executive Vice President of Anschutz Corporation and Anschutz Company since May 1999. [14] Thomas G. Kundert also serves as Treasurer of Anschutz Corporation. [15]


Anschutz Foundation
1729 Tremont Place
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 308-8220 [12]

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