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International Arab Charity

"The charity was started by Dr.Esmat Al Said and a group of Arab ladies in 1967 after the six day war when Israel occupied the whole of Palestine, and annexed the Golan from Syria and the Sinai from Egypt. There was an urgent need to help the many refugees of this new diaspora and to provide medical aid to the wounded. Dr.Al Said had been very impressed by the role that British women had played during the 2nd world war and their contribution to the war effort. She felt that Arab women could play a similar role to help ease this sense of loss, displacement and physical suffering caused by this new war which had so shaken the whole of the Middle East...

"As part of the bid to re-launch the charity, the trustees decided to alter the working title of the charity. It was changed from the Arab Women's Council (AWC - the shortened name for the International Arab Women's Council Charities Fund) to the International Arab Charity (IAC). We felt that with "women" in the title, the name suggested that we support women's causes exclusively and/or that we only accept ladies as members. In fact, the objectives of the charity had always been primarily centred on humanitarian, cultural and educational pursuits and the membership has always been open to men as well as women; we therefore took the decision to broaden the working title." [1]


Accessed December 2008: [2]

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