Arthur Vining Davis Foundations

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Arthur Vining Davis Foundations

"The original "Arthur Vining Davis Foundation" was organized in 1952 under a living trust established by the donor. Known as Foundation No. 1, its original Trustees were Mr. Arthur Vining Davis himself; Mr. Edward K. Davis, his brother; Mr. Nathanael V. Davis, his nephew; and Mr. William B. Given, Jr., his stepson-in-law.

"Foundations No. 2 and No. 3, both patterned after Foundation No. 1, commenced operations in 1965 under Mr. Davis' will. The original Trustees named for Foundation No. 2 were Mr. Nathanael V. Davis, Mr. William B. Given, Jr. and Mr. Morris Hadley. The original Trustees named to Foundation No. 3 were again Mr. Nathanael V. Davis, as well as Miss Evelyn Mitchell and Mr. W.E. Dunwody, Jr.

"Mr. Nathanael V. Davis served for more than thirty-three years as Chairman and then as Chairman Emeritus for eight more years until his passing in March 2005. His son, Mr. J.H. Dow Davis, succeeded him as Chairman in February 1997." [1]

Their website adds that "The purpose of the Foundations is to provide financial assistance, within the limits of their budgets and the discretion of their Trustees, to certain educational, cultural, scientific and religious institutions." [2]

Board of Trustees