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In 2005 "Leicester Housing Association and Asra Greater London Housing Association have entered into a strategic alliance which will see the larger tap into its smaller partner's development capabilities. Asra, which has 3,000 homes, and LHA, which has 8,000, will work closely as equal partners from this month and begin the process of establishing a group structure which could be in place by autumn 2005. The new group would manage homes across the east and south midlands, greater London and the south east. Its capital programme would be worth more than £100 million. LHA group chief executive David Seviour is due to retire in March 2006 and the association hopes to have his successor in place by September so there can be a handover period. Mr Seviour backed Asra chief executive Atul Patel to head the group. ‘From a personal point of view I would consider Atul to be an ideal candidate. He's got national standing and is well experienced,' he said. Mr Seviour was keen to stress that Asra, which is one of the Housing Corporation's approved developing associations, would retain ‘a high level of autonomy' so it could continue to use its expertise in development. LHA has a focus on regeneration. ‘What we hope to do is put our two areas of expertise together then deploy them,' said Mr Seviour. A particular focus for both organisations would be the south midlands growth area, according to Mr Seviour. He envisaged that Asra could develop in that area then transfer the stock to LHA to manage. Mr Patel said the partnership would be founded on ‘a joint vision of social justice, efficiency and growth'. Meanwhile, board members of Wyre Housing Association and the Regenda Group are considering whether their organisations should merge."

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