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to the LM group series: claims to be a "research company for construction industry professionals questioning the assumptions and limitations of British development". With close ties to the Living Marxism group - its directors are all associates of the network - it opposes environmental restraints on development and sustainability.

Audacity argues that society suffers when the polluter is made to pay, and is up front about its antagonism to community groups opposing urban sprawl. Its website states that "Audacity is a campaigning company that advocates developing the man-made environment, free from the burden of 'sustainababble' and 'communitwaddle'." [1]

"Audacity challenges advocates of sustainability to justify their pessimistic views, as well as the regulation and litigation these views encourage. Have any of them actually read the 28 Articles and two Annexes of the 11 December 1997 Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate - the Kyoto Protocol?," it states. [2]


Services offered by Audacity include: [3]

  • Writing articles for the trade or wider press
  • Brokering research projects to their contacts
  • Publishing research papers
  • Authoring and editing books for publishers
  • Speaking at events and arranging speakers
  • Suggesting lecturers and tutors for courses
  • Reporting on conferences and seminars
  • Organising exhibitions and events


Directors in the comapny shareholding

Other staff

Writers published by


Sponsors are listed on Audacity's website. [8]

Contact details

8 College Close, Hackney,
London, E9 6ER,
Phone: 07947 621 790,

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