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Dr. Azhar al-Shaikhali is identified as the Iraqi Secretary of State for Women's Rights. However, a web search for her name, which is also found as Azhar Al Shaikhali and Azhar Shaïkhali, brings few results.

The Iraqi Constitution and Women's Rights

"Prominent women including Azhar al-Shaikhali, the women’s affairs minister, and Iraq’s ambassador to Egypt, Safiyah Suhail, are alarmed that some members from the Shia group which dominates the National Assembly are pushing for Islam to be cited as 'the main source of legislation' in the constitution. The women say the wording should instead say that Islam is 'a main source' of legislation, the principle currently in effect in the Transitional Administrative Law." -- Institute for War & Peace Reporting, August 10, 2005.

Dr. Al Shaikhali "has stressed the necessity of guaranteeing women's rights in the constitution as an inseparable part of guaranteeing human rights for all members of Iraqi community, so as to achieve the principle of equality for everyone, regardless of the sex, race, religion, sect, or any consideration out of the principle of citizenship." --Discussion Seminar on Women's Rights in the Permanent Iraqi Constitution, August 2005.

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