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BWX Technologies, Inc. (BWXT) of Lynchburg, VA, "supplies nuclear fuel and reactor components to the U.S. Navy" and "supplies reactor components for the DOE's Naval Reactors Program and creates reactor fuel elements for several national government labs."[1]

In July 2000, the Department of Energy selected BWXT "over the Day & Zimmermann Group, a Philadelphia-based government contractor that owns Mason & Hanger, the company that has held the Pantex contract since 1956," to operate the government's Pantex plant.[2]

According to John A. Gordon, the head of the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) which oversees the nation's nuclear weapons complex, "BWXT Pantex, which has a proven track record in nuclear facility operations, presented the strongest technical proposal." In its bid for the government contract, BWXT "collaborated with Honeywell, a major aerospace firm, and Bechtel in its Pantex bid."[3]

"A major pillar of BWXT's bid package was Honeywell, a $24 billion company that produces aerospace products and services, heating controls for homes, automotive products and other items.
"Honeywell manages DOE's Kansas City Plant, which makes electronic, mechanical and other components for nuclear weapons systems assembled at Pantex. Allied Signal, which has operated the plant for many years, merged with Honeywell last year and kept the Honeywell name.
"The third leg of BWXT Pantex's proposal includes Bechtel National, which now has operations at more than 12 major DOE facilities and labs in the United States.
"Denny Ruddy, general manager for BWXT Pantex, said BWXT planned to bring in a 13-member management team to replace Mason & Hanger's management.
"'The people who hold these positions today will be displaced,' Ruddy said. 'And we will be looking at the possibility of employing them in other capacities at the plant. All the other employees in the plant will be retained at their current salary level and at a level commensurate with their responsibilities.'"

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