Baghdad International Airport

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The Baghdad International Airport (BIAP), formerly the Saddam International Airport, is "located approximately 16 kilometers West of Baghdad. The airfield is a joint civil-military airport, with a civil international terminal on one side and a smaller military ramp on the other. The airport is served by a Class I runway 13,000 feet long and a second runway on the military side of the airfield measuring 8,800 feet. According to the 'Gulf War Air Power Survey', there were 8 hardened aircraft shelters at Saddam IAP of 1991." [1]

The Baghdad International Airport "has been refurbished and repaired as part of a $17.5 million contract from USAID to SkyLink to rebuild Iraqi airports in Baghdad, Basr and Mosul . The Baghdad airport was severely damaged during the war. The duty free shop is open and awaiting passengers. Currently only military, UN and one or two 15-seat propeller planes which carry aid workers land at the airport. The airport has the capacity to handle 7.5 million passengers a year." [2]

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