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Balanced Education for Everyone was a short-lived pressure group that cast global warming as "junk science" and worked to keep the teaching of humans' influence on global warming out of school science classes. "Balanced Education" was formed by the conservative Independent Women's Forum. Members of the group say they are concerned that teaching global warming subjects students to "a frightening untruth." In April, 2010 the group started an effort to remove the teaching of man-made global warming from science classes. The group claimed that by doing this they will be assuring a "balanced education" for children.[1] By June, 2010 the group had disbanded. Christina Jamison, a spokeswoman for Independent Women's Forum, said "Balance Education" was a campaign. "It ended in June when school ended."[2]

The group claimed teaching students about climate change amounts to injecting a "partisan political view" into the classroom.[3]

Signature gathering

In May, 2010, Balanced Education for Everyone gathered hundreds of signatures in support of a movement to ban the teaching of global warming in classrooms in Mesa County, Colorado.

The group presented the signatures at a District 51 school board meeting on the evening of May 25, 2010. Forty people who appeared at the hearing to support the group dismissed global warming as "junk science." The petition they presented was aimed at preventing teachers from imparting their "personal, political views in the classroom," according to Rose Pugliese, a Tea Party movement adherent and author of the petition.[4]


The group provided no contact information on its Web site, instead using a Web form.
Web site: is no longer functional as of November 2010.

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