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Barbara Lippert was a writer for Adweek magazine from 1986 to 1987 (L. White, Merchants 1988). A 1986 Kent advertising campaign showed dark silhouettes of people wind surfing, riding a snowmobile, and dancing in a field, all against full-color backgrounds. The slogan was "The experience you seek." The silhouettes looked like ghosts, or the outlines of accident victims that police draw on the ground, or the shadows of vaporized humans in Hiroshima (L. White, Merchants 1988). Adweek critic Barbara Lippert wrote facetiously that the ads represented a new approach to marked segmentation--aiming at "that Great untapped market: those seeking an active sporty afterlife" (L. White, Merchants 1988). Lorillard withdrew the ads (L. White, Merchants 1988).

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