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Dr. Barbara Tint "is the Director of International and Intercultural Conflict Resolution for the Conflict Resolution Graduate Program at Portland State University, Oregon, USA. Her work in peace and conflict resolution stems from her background in Political Psychology, where she has focused largely on the psychological dynamics of international conflict. Her Doctoral work at the University of Melbourne in Australia explored issues of collective memory and conflict resolution within the context of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. She has served as the Chair of both the Feminism and Peace and the Conflict Resolution Working Groups for the Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict and Violence and Psychologists for Social Responsibility. In 2003-2004, Dr. Tint went to India on a Fulbright assignment to aid in the development of a Peace and Conflict Resolution Center at the University of Madras. She has authored articles and book chapters on a variety of topics including dialogue, peace psychology and peace education. In addition to her teaching, she works as a consultant, facilitator, mediator and trainer in a variety of domestic and international arenas including Australia, Israel/Palestine, India and Costa Rica. Her current research and writing focus on her ongoing work around collective memory, dialogue in inter-group conflict, peace education and culture, and the processes involved in the development of pro-peace attitudes. Her current projects include the design and implementation of dialogue and reconciliation processes within African refugee communities and the exploration of bi-communal Arab/Israeli projects in Israel." [1]

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