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Dr. Barry G. Watson, President and Chief Executive Officer, American Environics Group.

"Dr. Watson joined Environics in June 1988. Prior to that, he held positions with government, where he was responsible for marketing and policy research and for the planning and implementation of corporate information systems.

"As well as his management and strategic responsibilities, his activities currently involve sociocultural research as part of Environics' Social Values Project. These projects cover North America, Europe, Asia and South America. They focus on a range of applications including, the meaning of brands, and information and communication technologies in our day to day lives. He has directed a wide range of custom public affairs projects involving education, energy, natural resources, transportation, and general environmental topics.

"Dr. Watson is a frequent speaker at seminars and conferences, and regularly briefs senior officials in government and industry on current issues. He is past president and member of the board of directors of the Canadian Association of Market Research Organizations, and member of the board of the Canadian Survey Research Council. He is past president of the International Research Institutes based in Switzerland and currently serves as a member of its governing council.“ [1]

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