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"Be The Change is under the stewardship of Nick Hart-Williams and Sir John Whitmore. Many others have contributed greatly to the planning and presentation of our conferences. We are particularly grateful to Christopher Cooke, Hetty Einzig, Tim MacCartney, Lawrence Bloom, Tatiana Glad, Ursula Capell - and of course to Colin Morley." [1]


2004 event

Accessed June 2013: [2]

"On May 19-21 2004 at the Friends Meeting House in London, more than 350 people took part in our first extraordinary event." Speakers included: Frank Dixon, [[two-thirds of the world Don Beck]], Lynne Twist, Hafsat Abiola, Neale Donald Walsch, Elisabet Sahtouris, Alan Watkins, Jim Garrison, Moosa Raza

2005 event

Accessed June 2013: [3]

"The second Be The Change event brought together individuals and organisations at the forefront of change to address some of the urgent issues facing humanity today - in our environment, our communities, our economic system, in our very consciousness.

"Many sense a new wave sweeping through the world - a new awareness of purpose and potential, and of interconnectedness; of people with new ideas, ready with plans and actions to build 'a world that works for everyone'. We invited a group of such people to speak at Be The Change. This was the programme:

"Thursday, May 5, (9-6) - Integrity in Business

  • Sonia Stojanovic - former leader of Cultural Transformation, ANZ Bank
  • Ray Anderson - Chairman, Interface Inc (featured in The Corporation)
  • Norman Drummond - social entrepreneur; founder of Columba 1400
  • Rinaldo Brutoco - president of the World Business Academy
  • Deepak Chopra - physician, best-selling author - in a special evening event for conference participants only: 7.30 - 9/9.30 pm

"Friday, May 6, (9-6) - People and Planet

  • Vandana Shiva - physicist, ecologist and globalisation activist
  • Lucian Gill - global innovator around water and integrated sustainability
  • James Cusumano - founder & former chair of Catalytica; energy futurist
  • Bernard Lietaer - designer of the ecu, currency futurist
  • Satish Kumar - editor, Resurgence Magazine, prog. dir. Schumacher College
  • Julia Hausermann - director of Rights and Humanity in the UK
  • Dadi Janki - Co-administrative head of the Brahma Kumaris

"Friday evening, a choice of three workshops, from 7:30 - 9/9.30 pm: Judith Hemming - Organisational Constellations; Alain Forget - How To Get Out Of This World Alive; or Don Americo Yabar - Alignment With The Cosmos, The Way.

"Saturday, (9-6), May 7 - Health & The Whole System

2006 event

Accessed June 2013: [4]

"The third Be The Change conference/gathering took place in London, at Friends House in Euston Road, from Thursday, May 11 to Saturday, May 13, 2006. There was also a special one-day symposium on the Sunday, May 14.

"Once again, more than 500 active change-makers came together to discuss, celebrate and share some of the latest thinking and experience of whole systems change. The first day focused on the financial system and our planet. Day two looked at the nature of conflict and innovative approaches to conflict resolution, as well as how we heal through our consciousness. On the final day, we began with climate change, then heard from change makers in education and explored together what living and leading change might be. A good part of each day was deliberately speaker-less. This is when we worked together to evolve the ideas we had heard, contribute our own and move towards action.

"Thursday, May 11 (9-6) - Finance and the Earth (in collaboration with the new economics foundation)

  • John Whitmore - international business coach, co-founder of Be The Change
  • John Duggan - chairman of Gazeley, taking sustainability into multinationals
  • Bernard Lietaer - designer of the ecu, currency futurist
  • Stewart Wallis - executive director of the UK's foremost 'new economics' think tank
  • Stan Thekaekara - transforming the lives of India's poorest using new economic models
  • Lindsay Levin - former CEO, now introducing executives to the wider realities of ngo's and the developing world

"Thursday evening, a choice of workshops, from 7:30 - 9.30 pm: Ted Klontz on Learning Vital Skills for Making a Difference; Carl Johan Calleman on The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness; and Stan Thekaekara on Community Ownership of Trade

"Friday, May 12 (9-6) - The Nature of Conflict and Healing

  • Gill Hicks - seriously injured survivor of the London bombings
  • Scilla Elworthy - tireless, inspired peace builder, founder of Oxford Research Group and Peace Direct
  • Heskel Nathaniel and members of the 'Cultures in Conflict' team - a group of Muslims, Jews and Christians who have just completed a multicultural peacebuilding journey across the Sahara
  • Zulfi Hussain - an award winning CEO and consultant, working across all sectors, especially with youth in his native Bradford
  • Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev - Indian mystic, and a true visionary, working with prisons, with business and with leaders worldwide

"Friday evening, 7:30 - 10.30 pm: A special concert, Fierce Wisdom, with Chloe Goodchild and musicians, leading into a party with Tim Hain's reggae-blues band.

"Saturday, May 13 (9-6) - Education for a Sustainable Future

  • Tim Flannery - professor of climate change, author of The Weather Makers
  • David Orr - the leading exponent of ecological education
  • James Dakin - creator of 'teaching freedom'
  • Christer Lidzelius - international director of Kaos Pilots, Denmark's radical university
  • Martin Rogers - 25-year-old Australian social entrepreneur, leading public and politicians towards new policies on water and energy
  • Peter Merry - evolutionary leadership facilitator, based in the Netherlands
   Closing event - joined by Be The Change faculty past and present, including Elisabet Sahtouris

2007 event

Accessed June 2013: [5]

Thursday, November 15th

Day 2: Friday, November 16th


...and throughout the event, Drew Dellinger - American 'spoken word poet', closely associated with the work of Thomas Berry.



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