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Belle Haven Consultants is a Hong Kong-based consulting firm founded in 1997 by Heritage Foundation principals Edwin Feulner and Ken Sheffer, based in the same office as the Heritage Foundation's Hong Kong operations, Suite 401 of the Baskerville House office building in Central Hong Kong. This was also the location of the Alexander Strategy Group's Hong Kong operations. [1]

Belle Haven is "now co-owned by Sheffer and long-time associate Beth Allison Cave." [2]

Between 2001 and 2003, Belle Haven paid Alexander Strategy Group $620,000 on behalf of Malaysian business interests. $640,000 were paid in sum to Western Strategy Group, the Harbour Group, and one other lobbying firm, according to the Washington Post. [3]

Starting October 2004, Belle Haven paid ASG $810,000 on behalf of the Malaysian government.

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