Benjamin A. Gilman

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Benjamin A. Gilman

"During his thirty years in Congress (1973-2002), Congressman Gilman was highly respected on both sides of the aisle for his commitment advancing human rights and fighting world hunger. He served as Chairman of the House International Relations Committee (1995-2002) and provided a leading voice for vigorous US-UN engagement. In September 2003, President Bush appointed Congressman Gilman as a Public Delegate to the 58th United Nations General Assembly." [1]

"He has been both a Congressional delegate to the U.N. and a Congressional advisor to the U.N. He also authored legislation creating the Presidential Commission Against Hunger, on which he served, and subsequently, the Select Committee on World Hunger.

"His military service during World War II earned him the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal with Oak Leaf Clusters. Mr. Gilman is also noted for his advocacy of Human Rights. He was instrumental in the "prisoner exchange" program that brought freedom for many prisoners in East Germany, Mozambique, Cuba, the former Soviet Union, and several other nations. Mr. Gilman was also appointed a member of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council." [1]

Winner of the International Campaign for Tibet Light of Truth Award.

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