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"My interests span science, religion and psychical research (which I see as forming a bridge between them). All three activities date back to my undergraduate days at Cambridge , where I read mathematics and was later a Fellow at Trinity College , and all three fall within the remit of the SMN. My professional area of research is cosmology - for my PhD I studied the first second of the universe under Stephen Hawking - and includes such topics as the early universe, dark matter and the anthropic principle. In 1985 I moved to London University, where I am now Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy at Queen Mary. I have a long-standing interest in the relationship between science and religion, giving frequent talks in this area, and was recently awarded a Templeton grant to organize a series of conferences on the evidence for cosmological fine-tuning. This has led to a book, entitled "Universe or Multiverse", which I edited. I have been a member of the Society for Psychical Research for some 30 years, serving as its President in the period 2000-2004. My approach to the subject is mainly theoretical: I'm particularly keen to extend physics to incorporate consciousness and associated mental and spiritual phenomena. The SMN is unique in being broad enough to accommodate all three of my activities and I'm delighted to be currently serving on the Programming Committee. "[1]


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