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Bestype Office Environments conducted seminars on workplace smoking for the Tobacco Institute. In return it received valuable services, such as advertising and promotion, and the production of a range of booklets, etc. The Tobacco Institute also paid Ogilvy & Mather PR to provide assistance, and for Fleishman-Hillard to conduct Bestype staff on speaking tours.

Documents & Timeline

1988 June The 'Public Smoking Issues' division of the TI, consisting of Jeffrey Ross, John Lyons, and Sharon Ransome report lists:

  • recruiting indoor air quality (ETS/ventilation) scientists.
  • Alan Kassman, a former Philip Morris scientist, has been briefed and will go through media training next month.
  • Jolanda Janczewski of ENV Services has been through media training and will be briefed by scientists and legal counsel next month.
  • They have identified six additional ETS scientist who are now reviewing the scientific literature.
  • testing the effectiveness of ACVA/HBI's advertising campaign and direct mail program. They are investigating the feasibility of broadcast ads.
  • Litigation Program

A more comprehensive time-line with staff allocations gives more details of these activities -- and little doubt of the role the Tobacco Institute played with ACVA, NEMI, Bestype, etc. Such as:

    • PROJECT: Promote ACVA via advertising and direct mail in conjunction with Gray Robertson media tours for remainder of 1988.
  • PROJECT: Continue promotion of NEMl's indoor air quality services through September, 1988. (IAQ Newsletter, NEHI Brochure & Promotional Video or Slide Show)
  • (Jeff Ross) NEMI newsletter/copy clearance.(10/13) NEMI newsletter/approval of layout (11/02) NEMI newsletter/camera ready art (11/04) [NEMI was scheduled to see and clear it only on 25 Sept. The whole operation (including a video/slide show) was controlled by the TI with the help of Ogilvy & Mather]
  • PROJECT: Promote Bestype corporate smoking assistance program. "Obtain Bestype approval of business relationship." (08/19)
  • (Sharon Ransome) Bestype seminars & ads - finalize materials. (10/05) Redirect workplace program to smokers/schedule media tours in selected markets.(10/17) Bestype general direct mail/commence promotion & distribution. (11/01) …etc.
  • PROJECT: John Fox Seminars on Workplace Smoking Legal Issues: "These dates are proposed. Logistical considerations may dictate minor adjustments in the calendar."Raleigh/Durham, Portland Oregon, Cleveland, Seattle
  • (John Lyons) John Fox seminars/report results on second seminar. (10/10) John Fox seminars/conduct third seminar (11/09) John Fox seminars/conduct fourth seminar (12/06) …etc.
  • PROJECT: They are also identifying and training news IAQ and ETS spokespersons with the help of the lawyers Covington & Burling and the Sorell Schwartz IAPAG group from Georgetown University
  • PROJECT: Launch N.I.C.E. program in mid-September, 1988. National Institute for Conflict Education (they were creating this from July 88 with help of Shook Hardy & Bacon and O&M)
  • PROJECT: Promote Tollison & Wagner book "Smoking and the State" with "media training of authors" (6/13) and publication off book review (8/15)