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Beth A. Payne, 37, was recently named as the first U.S. Consul to Post-war Iraq. Payne previously served the U.S. Department of State in Israel, Kuwait, and Rwanda (1998-2001). [1].

"In fact, Payne requested the Rwanda job as her third foreign assignment -- she was vice consul in both Kuwait and Israel -- because of its troubles, not in spite of them." In Rwanda, Payne served with then-U.S. Ambassador George Staples. After leaving Rwanda, Payne headed the State Department's Office of Children's Issues. [2]

Payne, a former Peace Corps volunteer, is "temporarily attached to the Defense Department's Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance. Her main duties are to aid and protect U.S. private citizens in Iraq and process U.S. visa requests. Creation of a consular affairs office is seen as an important early step in the troubled nation's rebuilding process." [3]



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