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The Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER) is an beverage industry association founded in August 2006. Its mission, according to BIER is "to bring together leading global beverage companies to define a common framework for stewardship, drive continuous improvement in industry practices and performance, and inform public policy in the areas of Water Conservation and Resource Protection, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change Mitigation." [1]

Three main areas of interest

Its three main areas of interest are water stewardship, enery & climate change, and stakeholder engagement.[2]

  • Water stewardship - "Beverage companies rely on water as a primary ingredient in each of their products. Promoting sustainable use and protection of this precious resource is a business imperative that each of our members share."
  • Enery & climate change - "Climate change legislation is expected to be passed in the next two years in the U.S. and is developing quickly elsewhere in the world. Numerous product carbon labeling schemes are under consideration across Europe, Asia, and the U.S. Beverage companies are challenged by changing regulations, and obtaining an intimate understanding of their carbon impacts is more important than ever."
  • Stakeholder engagement - "Environmental stewardship requires that beverage companies look beyond their own operations and engage with a wide-range of stakeholders. This engagement ensures a holistic understanding of key environmental issues, the company's influence and impact on a given issue or situation, and the range of potential opportunities for improvement."


As of November 2010:[3]

In addition, "the American Beverage Association participates as a Trade Member [of BIER], and Ecolab and JohnsonDiversey are Technical Members." [1]

Contact details

Contact: Tod Christenson of Delta Consultants
Phone: 612-850-8609 or 800-477-7411
Email: info AT

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