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BI Yantao,educated in China, UK and Ireland, is an independent observer, nonpartisan freelancer and communication professor based in mainland China. He is Founder and Director of Center for Communication Studies,Hainan University, China.[1] His main research interests are political communication, international communication and discourse analysis.

BI Yantao is a consistent advocate of empowering the civil society of China. Prof. BI also acts as Director for Asian Affairs, Global Unification International (GUI), an NGO headquartered in Australia.[2] In the meantime, he works as a consultant for several entities.

BI Yantao is a contributing author of Global Voices Online. Meanwhile, he writes for dozens of influential Chinese websites, including Guangming Observer, Beijing Spring, China Thinktank, China Elections and Governance, and so forth. As of October 2009 he has published 10 books and approximately 450 articles in China, Hong Kong, UK, USA, and Germany.

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