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Bill Tierney is a former Iraqi weapons inspector and an Arabic language (Iraqi dialect) interpreter who worked with UNSCOM in Iraq in the late 1990s and was an intelligence analyst at U.S. Central Command headquarters. Tierney now "works as a translator and investigator for private companies." [1]

Terri Schiavo

Bill Tierney has been among the demonstrators standing vigil outsite Terri Schiavo's hospice in St. Petersburg, Florida. On March 28, 2005, the New York Times reported Tierney as saying, "No, we're not going to go home ... Terri is not dead until she's dead . . ." Tierney "cried as he talked about watching the Schiavo spectacle on television and feeling the utter need to be at the hospice." [2]

On Saddam Hussein

Bill Tierney "says Saddam Hussein is hoping Iraqi forces will be able to inflict heavy casualties on American troops in order to get the anti-war crowd in the U.S. and abroad worked up into a state of frenzy. Tierney says the Iraqi dictator takes heart in watching 'peace protestors' on CNN because he considers them an integral part of his arsenal. Tierney, who has spent a great deal of time in Iraq, expects Saddam Hussein to 'pull out all the stops' as coalition forces converge on Baghdad. The former inspector says if something goes wrong and American casualties are heavy, the Iraqi dictator will count on the peace protestors in the U.S. to come to his aid. As Tierney puts it: 'If they can kill enough of us as we come into Iraq, they figure that the anti-war crowd will scream and holler so loud that we will be forced to stop.'" The Country Baptist Church Newsletter, March 23, 2003.

Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaida

"Finally, with respect to Saddam Hussein and Al Qaida, weapons inspector Bill Tierney claimed that he came across an Al Qaida training manual some time back that called for the assassination of all Middle Eastern lead- ers---all but one that is, and that one individual was Saddam Hussein." --[3] [4].

French Sabotaged Weapons Inspections

The French "'gave them forewarning of the inspection targets,' charged Bill Tierney, a former top U.N. weapons inspector, in an interview with radio host Sean Hannity.

"'Once a list of sites were designated to be inspected, the security of that list was paramount,' Tierney explained. 'And from the Iraqi point of view, their intelligence collection program was very easy. All they had to do was find out what that list was.'

"Then Tierney charged point blank, 'The French would give the list to the Iraqis.'" NewsMax, January 25, 2003.

Iraq's Nuclear Weapons

"The experts were interviewed [December 2002] by The Tampa Tribune as U.N. weapons inspectors returned to Iraq in a new effort to root out weapons of mass destruction.

"Among them was Bill Tierney, a member of the last U.N. weapons inspection team in Iraq. He was there in 1997 and 1998 and said Saddam probably has a small atomic bomb.

"'The Iraqis still have weapons of mass destruction,' said Tierney, who lives in the Tampa Bay area. 'They have tons of chemical weapons. I'm not sure how much biological weapons are there, but I think he has nukes that can go.'

"Tierney also said he believes Saddam is close to having a missile delivery system for a nuclear warhead. He says the U.N. inspectors in Iraq four years ago found designs for missiles similar to those other countries use for nuclear warheads." [5]

In April 2003, Bill Tierney "explained his confidence that Iraq had a robust nuclear program. He says he knew 'first-hand' that the reprocessing of uranium was taking place at a nuclear research facility about six miles from Tarmiya. The site had an underground chamber where they used calutrons in an effort to separate electromagnetic isotopes. The facility us beneath a power plant and a water-treatment plant. He testified that his team detected radiation at the site.", April 28, 2003.

Iraq's Chemical Weapons

"Iraq's Republican Guard and Special Republican Guard are among the recipients of special suits and atropine, according to the documents ... smuggled out of Iraq by an opposition group ...

"A former arms inspector, Bill Tierney, told Today that 'if both these two units have new equipment, then it would indicate that they are prepared to use chemical weapons.'" BBC, January 23, 2003.

Biographical Data

From [6]

  • In addition to his knowledge of Iraq, Mr. Tierney worked as interpreter/interrogator at Guantanamo Camp Xray January/February 2002.
  • The Wall Street Journal tentatively accepted an editorial by Mr. Tierney scheduled to run in the Friday, February 14, 2003, edition, but made an eleventh hour decision not to run it.
  • Entered the Army in 1983 after studying classical guitar at the Hartt School of Music and the Royal Conservatory, Madrid Spain.
  • Trained in Arabic language and Iraqi dialect (honor graduate) and interrogation.
  • Became warrant officer in 1990.
  • Participated in Gulf War as liaison officer to Saudis, Kuwaitis, and Egyptians. Was interrogator during ground offensive phase.
  • Obtained Master Degree in Middle East Studies - Arabic in 1993.
  • Led counterintelligence team at Haitian Refugee Camp, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba 1994.
  • Stationed at Central Command HQ 1995 as command interpreter, intelligence analyst, and targeting specialist.
  • Participated in nine UNSCOM inspections 1996-1998, most focused on the Iraqi concealment mechanism.
  • Left the Army in July 2000.
  • Worked as linguist at Prince Sultan Air Base, Saudi Arabia August 2000-September 2001.
  • Worked as interpreter/interrogator at Camp X-Ray Guantanamo Bay January, February 2002.
  • Hired as international background investigator, compliance officer, sales and marketing, project officer with Owens OnLine, Inc., Tampa, FL, August 2002.

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