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blue moon fund "was established in April 2002 by Diane Edgerton Miller and Patricia Jones Edgerton. Together they share more than 70 years of experience in philanthropy and dedication to preserving the sustainable quality of life on our planet. blue moon fund emerged from the 2001 restructuring of the W. Alton Jones Foundation, which was created in 1944 by Pat's father and Diane's grandfather, W. Alton Jones. Pat and Diane are continuing the W. Alton Jones legacy of strategic, initiative-based philanthropy that helps improve the human relationship to the natural world. The blue moon fund is characterized by its holistic approach, its flexibility, and its commitment to cutting-edge ideas in both programs and investments." [1]

In 2007 they supported projects like: Forest Trends ("Catalyzing Markets for Ecosystem Services: Linking Communities in Latin America to Global Markets"), Conservation International ("Costa Rica Debt-for-Nature Swap"), Wildlife Conservation Society ("Improving Ranching Efficiency and Raising Environmental Awareness to Protect Biodiversity in the Brazilian Pantanal"), and the Amazon Conservation Association ("Linking Conservation Concessions to Community Enterprise to Create a 170,000 Acre Climate Change Refugium"). [2]


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