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Phee Boon Kang

"After a 30-year career in banks across Asia, Kang opened his own company in 2006. Boon Allard LLC, a consulting, training, and coaching company that aims to “help change the world by managing business differently than in the past,” is based in Taipei but serves all of Asia. His new job, he says, is one “intellectual case study” after another. Coming into a new company and trying to figure out how to make it better is a new challenge every time.

"In keeping with his dedication to knowledge and learning, Kang also helped establish the Jane Goodall Institute in Taiwan, a branch of a global nonprofit that focuses on education in environmental issues. After becoming friends with Goodall 11 years ago, she approached him to help start a nonprofit focusing on environmental issues. In the spring of 2006, he furthered his involvement by founding the Jane Goodall Institute Global Secretariat, an umbrella organization that oversees and provides support for the individual national chapters. He now serves as chair of the global secretariat." [1]

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