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Boris Holzer [1]

Articles Published in English

  • Boris Holzer, (2008). From accounts to accountability: organizational responses to protest and public scrutiny. In M. Boström & C. Garsten (Eds.), Organizing Transnational Accountability (S. 80-97). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
  • Boris Holzer, (2006). Political consumerism between individual choice and collective action: social movements, role mobilization and signalling. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 30(Special Issue: Promoting and Debating Political and Ethical Consumerism around the World), 406-415.
  • Boris Holzer and Millo, Y. (2005). From risks to second-order dangers in financial markets: unintended consequences of risk management systems. New Political Economy, 10(2), 223-245.
  • Boris Holzer and Sørensen, M. P. (2003). Rethinking subpolitics: beyond the 'iron cage' of modern politics? Theory, Culture & Society, 20(2), 79-102.
  • Boris Holzer, 2001). Transnational protest and the corporate planet - the case of Mitsubishi Corporation vs. the Rainforest Action Network. Asian Journal of Social Science, 29(1), 73-86 (neu gedruckt in King, Leslie / McCarthy, Deborah (Hrsg.), Environmental Sociology: From Analysis to Action, Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2005).
  • Boris Holzer, (2000). Miracles with a system: the economic rise of East Asia and the role of sociocultural patterns. International Sociology, 15(3), 455-478.

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