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Bram E. Buscher, Dr.

His areas of expertise are "Governance and politics in southern Africa", "Transfrontier conservation and wildlife", and "European Union and Dutch development policy". [1] See Publication list.

A critic of the Peace Parks Foundation.


  • Büscher, Bram (in press). Transforming the Frontier. ‘Peace Parks’ and the Politics of Neoliberal Conservation in Southern Africa. Durham: Duke University Press.

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  • Büscher, Bram, Sian Sullivan, Katja Neves, Jim Igoe and Dan Brockington (2012, in press). Towards a Synthesized Critique of Neoliberal Biodiversity Conservation. Capitalism, Nature Socialism 23, 2.
  • Arsel, Murat and Bram Büscher (2012, in press). Nature™ Inc: Changes and continuities in neoliberal conservation and market-based environmental policy. Development & Change 43, 1.
  • Büscher, Bram (2011). The Neoliberalisation of Nature in Africa. In: Ton Dietz, Kjell Havnevik, Mayke Kaag & Terje Ostigard (eds.). New Topographies of Power? Africa Negotiating an Emerging Multi-polar World. Leiden: Brill, pp. 84-109.
  • Büscher, Bram and Wolfram Dressler (2007). Linking Neoprotectionism and Environmental Governance: on the Rapidly Increasing Tensions Between Actors in the Environment-Development Nexus. Conservation and Society 5, 4: 586-611.
  • Büscher, Bram and Webster Whande (2007). Whims of the Winds of Time? Contestations in Biodiversity Conservation and Protected Areas Management. Conservation and Society 5, 1: 22-43.

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