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The Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest Trust (BART) "continued to provide financial support to the Reserva Ecologica de Guapiassu (REGUA) project in the Atlantic Rainforest of Brazil throughout the year, contributing over £280,000 towards the operational costs and further land purchases. Although the number of visitors to REGUA is increasing and it is broadening its funding base, it is still largely financially dependent on the support of BART and will be for some years.

"The major development in 2007-08 has been the negotiation to purchase 12 plots of land above the village of Matumbo to create a safe wildlife corridor between the REGUA land and one of our associates, Carlos Lemgruber. After many months of investigating land ownership and defining the boundaries we have been successful in getting agreements to purchase a total of 320 hectares, and as at the end of the financial year 5 of the 12 plots have been completed and the remaining 7 should be finalised by the end of June 2008. These purchases have been supported by funding from the World Land Trust and the IUCN Netherlands, to whom we are most grateful, and will take the REGUA land ownership to 3,787 hectares with a further 3,250 hectares owned by REGUA members." [1]

Trustees (2008)

Accessed April 2009: [2]




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