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Bree Carlton is a Lecturer in Criminology at Monash University (Australia).

"Prior to her academic career Dr Carlton was involved in community radio broadcasting and also worked as a freelance producer for the ABC Radio National social history unit.

"Dr Carlton completed her doctoral thesis in 2005. She was awarded the Vice Chancellor's commendation for excellence in doctoral research one of two competitive awards for exceptional candidates nominated for research excellence across the Arts Faculty. Bree's doctoral thesis focused on the controversial deaths and prisoner protests in the Pentridge Prison Jika Jika High-Security Unit in the 1980s and will be published by the Sydney Institute Federation Press Series in 2007.

"In 2005 Dr Carlton was a recipient of the Australian Academy of Humanities Travelling Fellowship for her research on women and political imprisonment in Northern Ireland. In February and March 2006, Bree travelled to Belfast, Northern Ireland to conduct interviews with Republican women former prisoners about their experiences of resistance and survival in prison and in the community post-release." [1]



Book Chapters

  • Bree Carlton (2008)'Understanding Resistance: Power, Visibility and Survival in High-Security', in Cunneen, C. & Anthony, T. (eds), Australasian Critical Criminology Reader, Sydney: Federation Press.
  • Bree Carlton (2008) 'Entombing Resistance: Institutional Power and Polarisation in the Jika Jika High-Security Unit', in Scraton, P. & McCulloch, J. (eds) The Violence of Incarceration, London: Routledge.

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