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Brett is the Executive Director of Access Now. Before Access Now, Brett honed his skills at Avaaz, GetUp, Oxfam Australia, and Amnesty International Australia. Brett has a Bachelors in Arts and Law and a Masters in International Law, and is on the Board of AllOut. [1]

Brett Solomon "is the former Executive Director of GetUp!. He has worked in Australia and internationally on a range of social justice and human rights issues.

"Prior to working at GetUp! Brett was the Campaign Coordinator for Amnesty International Australia. At Amnesty, his focus was the refugee campaign, which called on the government to put an end to mandatory detention, temporary protection visas and the so-called Pacific Solution.

"Brett honed his social justice career at Oxfam Australia, where he founded the International Youth Parliament, an international network of young social justice activists tacking issues such as poverty, conflict and globalisation.

"Brett joined GetUp because it has a capacity to effect positive social change in Australia. In using cutting edge technologies to enable immediate and member-driven campaigning, Brett believes that GetUp will make a significant difference to the outcomes of particular political, economic and social challenges facing the country." [1]

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