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Breuninger Stiftung

"The Breuninger Foundation is a charitable organisation which came into existence in 1968 after being established by the Stuttgart businessman Heinz Breuninger in cooperation with his daughter Dr. Helga Breuninger who manages the foundation today.

"As a private and independent institution we believe that we are responsible for stimulating the ability to master the challenges of our current age. We are a creative and flexible team featuring visionaries, strategists and doers not only developing new ideas, but also implementing these in cooperation with numerous partners on local and global level in an exemplary approach. In this process we attach great importance to focusing on a culture of encounter and exchange. Financial funds are only allocated if these are associated directly with projects we have carried out.

"Our activities focus on enhancing holistic-systemic thinking as well as cooperation and diversity as genuine riches of the world we live in. Our target groups are multipliers, management executives and the adolescent generation which we address in operative projects, conferences and social/cultural events. In the years lying ahead we aim at initiating a process of rethinking in the educational sector and health sector and at breaking new ground.

"In August 2005, for example, we are launching the pilot of our international WASAN Project in which we aim at convincing others of the need to adopt a holistic approach in terms of global responsibility. Our intention is to outline the specific requirements in cooperation with a group of young people and experts from different nations, cultures and professional backgrounds at various places in the world. Similar to our other educational projects, focus is here, too, on the holistic-systemic background." [1]



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