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British American Tobacco Company Limited

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(See also British-American Tobacco Co.): Defense

Note that the company sometimes hyphenates British-American and sometimes not. Generally not.


The stock abbreviation for the British American Tobacco Company Limited is BAC. It was the operating group under B.A.T. Industries P.L.C. in 1985.(R.G. Baker LT 2/4/85 & chart Brown & Williamson#680582458). Circa 1985, BAC was the parent of MTC (64% ownership of); British American Tobacco Kenya (60%); British American Tobacco Nederland BV (100% but employee counsel); British-American Tobacco Company (Hong Kong) Ltd. (100%); Empresas La Moderna SA De CV (45%); and B.A.T. UK & Export Ltd. (100%).(R.G. Baker LT 2/4/85 & chart Brown & Williamson #680582459).

Cross reference to BAT, Industries PLC London, England. Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation is a subsidiary of the London based British-American Tobacco PLC, circa 1994. (NYT 5/13/94). E.A.A. Bruell was chairman of British-American Tobacco Co. Ltd. circa 1985. (R.G. Baker LT 2/4/85 & chart BW#680582458).

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