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"Bruce D. Curtis, MA, M.Div., minister, teacher, lecturer, author and futurist, has worked with numerous spiritual and scientific organizations, including the John Templeton Foundation, the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, and the Academy for Future Science to bring forth the highest synthesis of spiritual and scientific thinking in the human community. He has organized international congresses on science and theology including such topics as bioengineering, the power of love, and the future of medicine, working as Director of Spiritual Studies for the International Space Sciences Organization, as Director of the Global Academy Genome Institute, and as principal teacher with the Academy for Future Science for more than 25 years. As an associate editor for the prestigious peer-reviewed and fully indexed Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Bruce pioneered a special issue on energy medicine (Feb. 2004) including authoring an article entitled “Consciousness and Quantum Information Processing: Uncovering the Foundation for a Medicine of Light.” In the areas of consciousness and healing he has lectured before scientific conferences in St. Petersburg, Russia and at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Principally, Bruce is a biblical scholar who has offered more than 200 seminars all over Canada, Mexico, and the United States in biblical spirituality and the deeper coding of the Word as a text of transformation and healing. He and his wife Marianne Lonergan Curtis currently continue this international ministry of education and healing. In 2000 they were named as delegates to the United Nations conference of spiritual and religious leaders. In 2004 they founded Living Foods USA to make available to the public in America the very finest fermented whole food probiotics and organic barley grass from New Zealand."[1]


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