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Patrick MacManaway writes that: "My father, Major Bruce MacManaway, felt the call of healing in 1939 aged nineteen whilst involved in rearguard combat outside Dunkirk. No soft tones of new-age music or pastel colours were involved in his early practice - as an infantry officer he had two pressing tasks to concern him - how to confront a division of Panzer tanks without artillery and how to attend to wounded and dismembered soldiers without recourse to any medical facility.

"In the heat of battle he discovered the profound human miracle of laying-on-hands, and spent the rest of his life serving the healing spirit that had inspired and guided him.

"For twenty years his healing practice was quiet and private. Healing outside of Christian ministry was not widely sanctioned. The Witchcraft Act was still in effect at the end of the war. In 1959 he felt the call to go public and open a healing centre. Pursuing this against all economic reason and public opinion, he trusted the spirit that guided him and The Westbank Healing and Teaching Centre in Strathmiglo, Scotland, blossomed and flourished as an international venue for healing practice, teaching, discussion and conference." [1]

He was married to Patricia MacManaway .


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