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Burdeshaw Associates, Ltd. (BAL), according to the company web site, "is a rapidly growing full service consulting firm located in Bethesda, Maryland. Situated directly adjacent to the DoD's National Imagery and Mapping Agency, BAL is just minutes from the Pentagon and downtown Washington, D.C. With more than 20 years of unparalleled service to the defense industry and government, BAL continues its commitment to solving this country's most pressing national security and leadership challenges."

"Burdeshaw Associates draws its strength from a unique pool of over 600 executive-level professional Associates who represent expertise and experience in literally every government national security activity and function (classified and unclassified). These Associates are based in every state and around the globe. BAL is organized around centers of excellence involving the Department of Defense, Joint Staff, Army, Navy, Air Force, international communities, civil agencies, and private industry."[1]


"BAL recruits Associates from the ranks of retired industry and government leaders: individuals who are the key decision makers in their respective fields. BAL has the ability to offer teams drawn from every major decision level and in all functional areas, representing complete cross-Service capability.

  • BAL offers flexible Integrated Product Teams with a comprehensive Process Development Approach, tailored to meet customer requirements. With an unmatched understanding of U.S. and foreign military strategies, as well as their functional needs/operations (drawn from the perspective of the senior user/developer), BAL's Associates are the inside view to how the military/government user will perceive a given technology.

"With over 600 Associates located in the U.S. and abroad, BAL can tap into the best talent base available for rapid response. With knowledge of the culture and processes of a given region or foreign government, BAL's Associates can offer unmatched insight into an issue in a timely fashion."[2]



Burdeshaw Associates, Ltd.
4701 Sangamore Road, N100
Bethesda, Maryland 20816-2508
TEL: 301-229-5800
FAX: 301-229-5045

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