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Regarding Judicial nominees by President George Walker Bush, an October 8, 2004, report from People for the American Way Foundation "documents that concerns raised about Bush nominees to the federal appeals courts have been well-founded, as many of those judges now sitting on the bench wrote or joined opinions this year seeking to significantly limit congressional authority, protection of individual rights, and access to justice."

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  • Judge Pickering, Again, New York Times Op-Ed, October 1, 2003: Charles W. Pickering, Sr. "of Mississippi, whose nomination for an important federal judgeship was wisely rejected once, is scheduled to be voted on again tomorrow in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Senate should again refuse to confirm him.... The Bush administration is pushing hard to put Judge Pickering, a federal district court judge, on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, which covers Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas."
  • Thomas Ferraro, Senate Stops Bush Nominees, Ends Long Debate, Yahoo!News, November 14, 2003: "Democrats blocked two more of President Bush's federal appeals court nominees on Friday after a nonstop U.S. Senate debate of nearly 40 hours, boosting to six the number of stonewalled judicial candidates. ... In each of two votes, Republicans fell seven short of the 60 votes needed in the 100-member Senate to stop delaying tactics against California jurists Carolyn Kuhl and Janice Rogers Brown and clear the way for their confirmation."


  • Neil A. Lewis, Bush Seats Judge, Bypassing Senate Democrats, New York Times, January 17, 2004: "President Bush on Friday used the Congressional recess to install Charles W. Pickering Sr. in a federal appeals court seat from which he had been blocked twice by the Senate because of Democratic opposition."