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The Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund is a 501c3 fund organization that was established "to benefit survivors of Hurricane Katrina and the long-term reconstruction efforts." [1]

"The Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund will serve as an umbrella for special funds established by the governors of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to assist those displaced in their states and will focus on collecting donations to assist in the long-term recovery plan for areas devastated by the storm." [2]

About the Fund

"In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and her immense devastation, former Presidents Bush and Clinton established the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund to provide relief and rebuilding resources to help the victims of this disaster. This charitable fund will collect cash and in-kind donations and work with the governors of the affected states to coordinate both the short and long term relief efforts." [3]

Bush Asks Bush-Clinton to Assist in Hurricane Relief Efforts

On September 1, 2005, President George W. Bush asked his father, President George H.W. Bush, and President Bill Clinton to assist in the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts:

"In the days ahead, the former Presidents will ask Americans to open their hearts and their wallets to help those in need. And they're going to talk to large corporations and small businesses and individual citizens across the nation. The contributions will benefit the relief organizations that are doing vital work on the ground. We're going to take a look and make sure that the money raised is money needed." [4]
"I was so proud of the efforts that President Clinton and President Bush did to help the victims of the tsunami relief. Our country marveled at their capacity to rally our citizens and to work together. And, once again, I've asked them to work to help the needs of those who hurt. And, once again, I'm confident that the American people will respond." [5]

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Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund
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Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund
it AT clintonfoundation.org
55 W125th St
New York, NY 10027
Phone: 212 348 8882

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Fund Contact Details

Office of President George H.W. Bush
Re: Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund
P.O. Box 4624
Houston, TX 77210-4624

Bush-Clinton Katrina Lockbox
Department 72
Washington, DC 20055
Telephone: 202.289.2732

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